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Dreame is a smart lamp which gives you a delightful sleeping experience.

It has been researched that colors play a vital role while you are asleep. Red light reduces your energy makes you sleep better and blue light increases energy and productivity, that keeps you awake. Light can drastically improve one’s sleeping pattern.

With Dreame, you not only can get a better sleep but also can make the sleeping experience delightful with an interactive display inside your enclosed area.

Link to complete case study

Link to Live Website: Dreame

Role: Ideation, conceptualisation, UX design, product design and visual design

Date: Fall 2017

Medium: Smart lamp, and phone app


The book 'Power of When' by sleep psychologist Michael Breus states that "Red light aids melatonin production", which signals to our brains that it is time to go to sleep.

Research proves that your brain does a better job when you're sleeping on your side rather than on your back or stomach.

A study in elderly cataract patients shows that blue-blocking lenses improved sleep and significantly reduced daytime dysfunction. The light emitted by phones and tablets contains a great deal of blue, a more stimulating effect.

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The smart lamp Dreame...

1. Keeps you away from your phone before going to sleep

2. Wakes you up with a pleasant sound

3. Projects an interactive graphic over wall starting from one side to the other that will set your sleeping position


My goals are:

1. To motivate people to spend more time relaxing in a peaceful environment as a form of meditation before sleep

2. People will gain more productivity with a better night's sleep

3. The lamp will give a delightful waking experience with pleasant alarm and soothing light

Home Screen


New Dream

Tap and drag down the top circle to record new dream

User will use this function to record a new dream

Dream Wall

Tap and drag upward the bottom circle to view Dream Wall

Dream Wall will display previously recorded dreams


New Dream

You can record your dream while clicking on record button

The app will automatically convert the audio into text

Edit Dream

You can edit and make changes if you need to

Saved dreams will be displayed in Dream Wall

Link to 3D model

Dream Wall

Dream wall is collection of previous dreams.



word list



25 - 40 
Years Old


Engineer/ Banking


$65,000 - $80,000 
Per year


Urban Cities
and Towns

USE CASE scenarios

A stressful day.

Need of a delightful sleeping experience.

A way to get rid of a mobile phone while sleeping.

A media through a light can make you sleep better.

People who are suffering from insomnia.